Thursday 6 September 2012

Silly O'clock Barbel stalking

This morning I was out in search of stalking and landing a Barbel as I haven't targeted them recently because of the brilliant Roach shoal that I had discovered, armed with my centre-pin and trotting rod I was ready for action.

 First blood was a 3.13 Chub caught on my 1st cast of the day at 5.15am, which did put up quite a scrap for a Chub but the excitement was soon over, I have to wait until 7.28 until I got my next take, with the rod hooping over immediately I knew it was a Barbel, on the light gear it did fight really well with it ripping line off of the pin. A couple of minutes of battling and she was in the net.

6.6 Barbel
It's been a couple of weeks so it was nice to catch one on my first trip out for 3 weeks in search on them, I did have one other fish in the shape of a 4.2 Chub that looked like a pig, I can't believe it didn't go much bigger but the winter feeding will sure change that.

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