Sunday, 16 September 2012

Spinning for Predators

With my impending trip to the Royalty tomorrow I wanted to get maybe one last session in on the Thames, but instead of going for Bream, I thought of just taking my spinning rod down to Twickenham with my youngest bro Chris catching wind of my plan he couldn't resist the temptation and joined me, so we set out at about 3am and arrived about an hour later, because we was both using light gear we could try a couple different lures/spinners each and draw it through different swims in search of a hungry predator regardless of species.

 Recently I have fished this stretch and it has been very difficult for myself and in truth I have struggled in my search for Pike, Zander and Perch over 8oz this season and I do hope that the colder weather will induce them into feeding more. For once the session did start off quite quickly when I hooked a small Perch about 3oz on one of my first casts and with a further few knocks in my subsequent casts which come to nothing, almost 2 hours of roving with only partial hits I finally managed to hook something some 2 mile or so from our start point and it was fighting back and pretty powerfully to!, darting runs deep in the river giving my 6ft spinning rod a right run for its money, but as the fight progressed the fish started to loose it power and quickly headed to the net thinking it was a small Pike, a quality sized Perch rose to the surface and straight in.

 A pristine Perch that looked close to beating my personal best of 2.7, so without hesitation I weighed it at 1.15 just 8oz short of equally my PB, which considering its frame was pretty empty but a good Perch nevertheless.

( I hate flashes)
Landing that stripey at around 6am we had both decided to just push on a bit as we was going to pack up by around 6.30 and by that time had come 2 more Perch had been landed but again they were from the kindergarten shoal, at least one of the parents wanted to play ball.

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  1. That looks a lovely conditioned Perch James.