Tuesday, 12 March 2013

At last.......A Decent Chevin.

 For the last couple of weeks at work I have been looking forward to doing some serious fishing and un-interrupted, so I could spend the last 4 days of the river campaign in search of some specimen fish to see out this already ground breaking season.

 Today's target was one of which I have done some serious searching for and as of yet haven't picked up any real big ones and I didn't think it was the best of days weather wise, for the whole session I was constantly bombarded by strong gusty winds and snow which made fishing quite difficult in regards to presentation and not to mention my hands.

 Because of the cold weather I wasn't planning to stay out for long and it wasn't long before I was connected to my first Chub (3.10), it was good to get a fish on the bank and after that fish the swim died off and I had to move on, the next swim screamed Chub with a deep pool behind a fallen tree and I managed to cast a lump of bread flake under float straight up against the tree and trotted it around the pool and it must have been about 4 or 5 casts before I got an enquiry, when the float slightly dipped I struck into it and was met by quite a powerful fish that lunged a few times into the tree line and it took a bit of battling to keep it from ploughing through the branches and breaking me off, but after a couple of minutes it came up from the depths and rolled up on the top, as soon as I saw it roll on the top I knew it was a 5lb + Chub so I grabbed the net instantly and it slipped straight in.

Finally...... 5lb 4oz. A pukka result.

 It's taken a long time to finally catch one and I've fished plenty of good Chub waters since the new year and not managed one until now, once I had taken a couple of pictures and weighed it I moved swim-further up river to try to find some more, the swims today seemed to be only chucking up one fish each.  My next swim looked about as Chubby as it could possibly get.

 It wasn't long in this swim until I got my first fish out of this swim, within five casts I had two Chub to 4lb 6oz which was a short but chunky fish and the other was just over 3lb, then the bites started to dry up when I deepened up the float and held it back in the flow, after doing that for a couple of trots I got another take which felt pretty strong in the flow and a powerful fight for a brief period then it just plodded around in the current until it decided to come in, it was another lump.


A very short but thick and deep. 5lb 7ozs.
 I had waited more than 3 months for a 5lb Chub and now I had caught two in a day, so typical of fishing but grateful that it has, on the scales the latest of the two Chub went 5lb 7oz and not to mention the biggest Chub of the season and with only 3 days to go, it took about 10 minutes to get my camera working before this picture, it is getting on a bit ( 7 years to be exact ), time to get a new one, but unalike the other swims I started to build quite a large bag of Chub with 12 in total coming to the net, with a majority of them around the 3lb mark but the longer the day was getting the more unbearable the cold and the wind was becoming, it got to about 4 o'clock when I had decided enough was enough, I had reached my target now and a couple of Roach before the end of the season would be great. Until then........tight lines. Back out today to do some more fishing, make hay.
  The only other angler on the river.........

  Unfortunately couldn't get closer to the Kingfisher perched on a branch shaking off it's feathers.


  1. Cracking result James and a fitting way to see out the last few days of the season. Well done on breaking the the 5+ barrier.

  2. You look a bit cold in that first one mate! Cracking fish, especially the second one. Whet my appetite for a chub or two tomorrow. They won't be that big though; half the size would be good (:

  3. Great result and a nice way to end the season, although hopefully with two days to go a few more may grace your net. A brace of fives is never a bad result.