Friday, 15 March 2013

My last flowing fix.

 Today being the last day of the season I felt like I had to get out and do some fishing but I didn't want to catch anything substancial that would shadow yesterday's fantastic session for the Barbel, so my brother Chris and I dug a few dozens worms from the old dear's garden and a tub of leftover maggots and had a slow walk to a local lake to try catch one of the elusive Perch that inhabit it.

 A couple of laps around the lake though we unfortunately drew a blank using both worm and maggot in all of the likely spots and after a couple of hours we decided to go on our back up plan and head down to a very urbanised piece of our local river in search of some silver fish, but before we did that I left the gear with my brother and went for a jog upstream to try and find a spinning rod I left behind by accident in one of the swims yesterday and my luck was in when I entered one of the swims it was laying right in the middle of the path in full view, it's been a lucky season for me.

 But back to the fishing, Chris and I decided to just build a swim and sit in it, so lots of maggots were trickled into the swim to get them feeding and after a while I started to get bites on the float which at first must have been fish that weren't overly confident because the bites were very quick and too quick in fact to connect to but as the evening progressed the bites became more consistent and easier to hook. After an hour or so we had wrapped things up for the river season where we both had a mix of fish.

James: 4 fish- 1 Roach, 3 Dace   ( Winner )
Chris:  3 fish- 1 Roach, 1 Chub, 1 Dace  ( Runner up )

 A true urban Roach and not a monster but fun all the same.

Chris with a Dace at 7oz, biggest of the session.

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