Friday, 5 July 2013

It's A Jungle Out There.

 Today's session was supposed to be for reservoir Bream but after having a look at today's weather forecast I thought I'd leave it for another day, just grab my roving gear and head off out to a river to relax in the sunshine.

 Any species today was on the agenda as I was having a day off from my challenge that I have set myself ( catch every indigenous species of fish in England ), after a good 6-7 miles of walking I did have a good day but the fishing is still very patchy with a few fish spotted but not many committing themselves and a lot of swims that you'd expect to see or catch in were empty or it seemed the case.

 A couple of obligatory Chub ( 3.2 and 4.0 ) came to the net and also my biggest Barbel of the season so far at 8lbs 1oz which had a large frame and could have sworn it looked a 9 but post spawning every single Barbel are currently at bottom weights, so to catch a double now is a good achievement.

 Lastly I did have a surprise in the form of a very pretty Mirror Carp caught on my rolling technique, my first Carp doing that.

At 5lbs 8ozs not a big fish but a nice fish.

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  1. Well done James, just reward for the walking and my that mirror is pretty, lovely looking apple slice scales on it.


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