Monday, 22 July 2013

Little Piece of Heaven.

 This morning I headed out for a short session in search of Carp, the lake I headed off to doesn't hold any large Carp, maybe running to 15lb tops but they are very well marked fish and the colours are stunning at any time of the year, the lake isn't large but is quite deep towards the middle, but today I just took a small stalking set-up and tracked down some fish, but it wasn't long after I set up at around 5;30am, when the sound of thunder rolling in the distance started to get a little bit louder and more consistent, Lightning is always a concern when your fishing and the concern was increasing as the morning progressed.

 But not allowing the potential bad weather affect play I carried on walking around the lake and spotted a few fish bubbling, their identity unknown as they were buried entirely in the dense weed that has consumed some of the water, but in the early morning the lake did look so peaceful and I could just relax and wait for a Carp to come and find me.

 Time started pressing on and I had to pack up around 8, so I had time to get home and then head off to work, the Carp were feeding and occasionally taking pieces of flake off the surface but they seemed quite weary for reasons unknown, but for another hour I carried on but to no avail, but it wasn't time that was to curtail my trip but the bilious grey cloud that looked as bad as it sounded, now streaks of lightning were visible across the brightly lit sky and the claps of thunder were almost instant, I wasn't going to hang around in it, but funnily enough I didn't see any rain at all, just lots of pent up electricity, I shall be back for these little guys and who knows I might get a surprise in a form of an elusive Tench or Bream.

Without the dodgy thunderstorm, it was all in all a lovely morning's fishing even if I didn't catch anything, just being there makes it worth while.

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