Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Gudgeon and other stuff.

 This morning I headed off out to do some trotting, armed with my cane rod and pin I fancied having a go for the silvers, Roach, Dace, Gudgeon and the rare Rudd were all possible targets, the river was up as high as it has been recently but the colour was dropping out of it pretty quickly. Bread was my chosen bait along with a small chunk of meat as a back up plan, my rig was fairly simple - a 6x no4 wire stem float and a size 12 barbless hook.

 A couple of hours passed and I had nothing to show for my efforts but as I reached the upper limits of my beat that I selected to fish I started to get a few takes and after 45 minutes or so I managed a Roach, 6 Gudgeon and a lovely Brown Trout which was bit of a surprise as I've only ever once caught one in the lower reaches and I did also manage a good sized Barbel too which put up a great fight which is always a bonus.

A pound + Brownie.
7lb 5oz, always a pleasure to catch.


The chunkiest Gudgeon I ever seen.

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  1. Incredibly jealous. I struggle with most rivers, I'll be honest, but I love trotting smaller ones. To catch big fish like that on a stick though... Great stuff.

    1. Stick float fishing is probably the best tactic,closely followed by rolling, I am lucky to have what I've got close to me, even as much as an hour away I perceive that to be close, I do envy some of your canal fishing, the Rudd fishing is something we don't have in abundance and I wish we had that here!!!! But I love southern chalk streams !