Sunday, 10 November 2013

New Recruits to the Box.

 The last couple of days I've been purchasing a few additions to my lure collection, a majority of the rivers, lakes and canals that I fish aren't usually deep, so the lures and spinners I've been snapping up are for depths of like 4 feet with a max dive depth of say 6 feet, now a lot of the weed has been washed out of the rivers or it has died back on the lakes it's now time to start working the artificial baits.

 Most of my collection are Rapala's and Abu Garcia lures, they may cost a bit more than the usual standard lures but they work so much better than cheaper ones but the extra money spent is well worth it, Mepps spinners are definitely the best but go for nearly £5 each, where as a Abu Garcia spinner comes in at around £3.50 and almost as good.


 The smaller ones are perfect for Perch but I expect a couple of Pike will take a liking to them, all lures that I fish with are connected to 25lb wire traces so the toothy buggers don't bite through my line and the length of the spinning traces I use are usually longer than live or dead bait traces by a few inches due to the velocity that the lures can be taken at sometimes, maybe just a precaution but it has saved me a couple of times in the past when a spinner or lure has been swallowed fairly deep.

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