Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Positive Start to the Fly Season.

 With the coarse season having closed a couple of weeks ago and the fly fishing season only starting today, there has been a distinct lack of fishing but now that I'm able to grab the fly rod after work and head off out fishing I'll be doing just that, the last couple of seasons have been very good and I have only recently learnt to fly fish so it has been a good learning curve and even today has been an education.

Springtime + Trout = Happy Days.

 Fly tying has been something again that I have started to get into but not so much this year, websites selling flies have been my source of addition to my already healthy collection, so after spending all that money it was time to use them, a nice evening in the spring sun was all that was required......well apart from a Brown Trout of course, the tackle was as light as I dared, 7ft 2-piece ( 4 weight ) rod along with a ultra lightweight reel filled with a floating line with a 3lb tippet, fished with a mix of flies, my chosen type were dry's as during the evening the Trout could be seen rising as hatches were being sucked in constantly.

Typical glides for Trout.

4 feet of water, but gin clear.

 The river was looking in great condition and the vegetation was growing everywhere and gin clear, so visibility was perfect and spotty's could be seen in alot of swims which filled me with confidence but even with the fly's presented at the best of my ability I could not arouse any interest, more than an hour was spent seeking out a willing Trout when all of a sudden, the monotony of casting with no rises or follows was broken when a Chub of about 2lb nailed it, after a tussle of a minute or two a short Chevin popped into the net, although it wasn't a Brownie it was most welcome.

 But it wasn't long before I finally got a Trout tempted and after all the casting, a Cat's Whisker was the difference but by the time I got the Brownie in the fly was shredded, a good size though and my first of the 2014-15 season, at 2lb 10oz it is average sized, but it's a positive start, long may it continue.

1st of the season, target is a 6lber this spring.

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