Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Trout on the Fly Part Two.

 A quick post for a short session this morning in search of some more Trout on the fly, the weather today was perfect for fishing and sunbathing it has to be said but that wasn't on the agenda although I'm partial to a bit of lazing about in the sun home or abroad, the Trout were my target for the morning and within 2 casts out I was into a nice Brownie on the retrieve, I was testing out some new tippet ( 3lb ) breaking strain and it did quiet good but the test of time will no doubt be the ultimate one, the Trout was of an average stamp at 1lb 8oz and fought very well as they always do.

Just one of the weirs that the Trout have to traverse.
On it's way back to the watery home.

 After a couple of failed attempts to set a hook in two more rises I managed another Trout of around 8ozs roughly an hour later but the fish weren't really showing themselves as they do normally but after Stu joined me on the riverbank we did see around half-a-dozen more Trout most of which were 3lb or larger and two of which were well over 4lb maybe even 5lbs, I will be back for them and one of the larger fish had three follows of a Orange Flash Damsel but everytime I thought it was going to nail it, it shied away, damn, damn, damn, another time maybe. Tight Lines until next time.

Number two on it's way in.

Pristine specimen of a Brown Trout.

Sunbathing weather.

But also good fishing weather too.

Some fantastic fly fishing river.

Your host on the prowl for a spotty.

 Next session up is a trip to Godalming Angling's Marsh Farm Fishery in search of some Spring Crucian Carp with a target of 3lbs 2oz.

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