Sunday 6 April 2014

Trout on the Fly Part One.

 Trout fishing on the fly, a very interesting way of fishing and something I want to expand on and maybe head out to a reservoir or lake in search of some larger specimens, on the outskirts of London there are a few places which fit that description and will be certainly visited but on Saturday I only had a few hours available, so I tackled up and headed down to the river in search of Brownie.

Typical pool's, perfect Trout habitat.

 I caught one last week but could have had more but the Trout only followed, I thought through the reasons as to why, whether it was fly selection, retrieve speed, depth of where the fly was fished or and most importantly whether the Trout actually feeding, yesterday though I seemed to have got it all right, with a Brownie caught on my second cast, albeit around 6oz but perfectly marked.

Pristine condition little Brownie.

 Within 20 minutes I had a second on and it was certainly bigger, a proper scrap on such light gear, I love it when the rod bends double and this was no exception, a good 2lber and on the scales at 2.4 it was a good guess, after that Trout another followed shortly after and I was on a roll but it was another juvenile Trout maybe only a year old which is very encouraging and seem to take the flies with much more gusto than the larger ones that just seem to follow the flies in curiosity.

Biggest of the day at 2.4, another good fight on the fly gear.

 The day didn't finish with 3 either as I had another two Trout further down the beat biggest of which was 1.11 the smallest around half a pound, I did find a couple of large Trout amongst the growing amount of Ranunculus but couple be tempted enough to nail the fly but they certainly knew it was there, on a couple of occasions coming up the water column to investigate but not pursuing any further unfortunately, but I'm sure another day they may slip up or my selection will be right for them, or maybe just weren't feeding at that time, I will give it another go soon if they are still there.

The winner of prettiest Trout award.

Last Trout of the day.

 Another good days fishing though, hope to have a few of those this month and then the hatch of the Mayfly will surely see some more captures and maybe some bigger ones.

 Tight lines until then guys......

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