Sunday 12 July 2015

Wild River Brownies PB.

 As the title might suggest this session in particular was for Brown Trout but you would be wrong as Dace were my intended target as a couple of hours needed to be filled, although they are usually heavy I took my split can rod out for a working out, armed with a fresh loaf of bread and my ghillie for the afternoon it was time to find some silvers. The Dace so far this season have been difficult to locate and are not where they use to be, I set myself a task of hunting them down by long trotting down various glides and pools under the pin.

 Through all of the water I sent the flake through I didn't have a touch until I was intercepted by a nice brown trout around 3lb or so, on the cane it was a good fight and I swear I could hear it creaking but if I thought that was bending then I was had seen nothing yet, before that though I had a Chub of 3-3.8lb aswell taken on the very next trot through.

Mint condition.

Average but good to catch.
 The silvers were getting beaten to it if they were there. I left the swim to rest and kept baiting up with white crumb to hopefully induce the Dace to feed, after 20minutes I sent the bait back down and the float vanished halfway down with aplomb, I struck and that is when my rod was to find out what a real battle felt like, once hooked a big fish rolled just under the surface and hammered down stream so fast I could see the metal work of my pin more and more as the line approached the end, I was in trouble as the fish continued down stream over a small weir I had no choice but to kick my shoes off and dive in with the rod, not ideal but I had no other way of gaining on it as the near bank was to overgrown to walk down, so I waded 20 yards down and managed to get the line back on the pin, then it charged down again, the hard work undone in literally a flash, I thought that now was the time to put on the brakes and get it up stream but 50-60yrds down it was a mammoth task whilst it still charged from side to side in the strong current, the cane was bent to a point the top section was actually flat if that makes sense, I just leant into the fish and slowly began to gain, this was 4-5minutes into the fight by this point, brutal but amazing was the only thing I could think whilst playing and all this without knowing what it was, a Barbel, Carp or Trout, I couldn't tell. A few minutes more of gaining and the culprit came into view out of the deep water, a monster Brown Trout!, my god it was massive and my father (ghillie) was in awe aswell, my god was repeated many times and when this mother hen cruised over the net totally shattered I punched the air and a solid handshake off the old man as we had both endured this epic battle, these words probably don't match exactly what I felt but it'll do, my bloody god that was of biblical proportions, she earns the rest.

What a fish, never thought I'd catch one so large.
 A new personal best and that was obvious before we put her on the scales, the weight was almost secondary as it was a specimen that I've never seen before and they are very impressive at this size, but to satisfy my love of all things numerical a figure of 7lb 1oz was agreed on, a true wild specimen, Dace? what Dace?, after that Trout it was home time, how could I possibly carry on. A lifetime ambition for many anglers had been achieved (me included), although a 3lb Roach is the ultimate ambition this was up there with the very best. Over and Out.
Ready to make somebody else's season.

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