Saturday 25 July 2015

Summer Tenching.

 This evening I tackled Enton for a few mid-summer Tench as I felt like a slight change in my target's, before doing this though I felt a short trip back to where I caught those good Dace in the hope I would find some slightly larger specimen's, upon arrival at the river it was hammering through and not necessarily the condition's I wanted, nevertheless I had made the effort so I was going stay and try. Two hours of toiling away in the coloured water I had all but gave up, I did try but wasn't going to leave empty handed as two pristine Chub were the only willing participants.

Not a Dace!
 So enough of the failed river trip and on with the Tench, I headed up the road to Marsh Farm's Harris Lake with the view to banking a few late-afternoon tinca's, my tactic for the evening was fishing the peacock waggler on the pin, to start with things were hard and the fish weren't playing ball just yet, I knew the Tench wouldn't really feed until 730 onwards, strange but true and although some will still feed during the day it's very sporadic sport, so I knew I would have to wait. After plenty of waiting and tinkering with my end tackle the float raised and buried itself with aplomb, my first fish of the session was in the bag after a good scrap.

Not big but a start.
 Not a lump but it was a good fight and the next cast provided me with another sturdy tinca, it's funny how a 3-hour period could be such a struggle then like the "flick of a switch", it all fell into place, it can sometimes feel there that your not fishing it properly but you are almost certain you are and then the fish arrive and it all comes good, the next fish was roughly 4lb followed by another at 4.10.

In anticipation......
 They were typical stamp but the next fish was above that, the float slipped away just like the others but the fight was less erratic and by that I could tell it was a better fish, it wasn't a long fight and she soon slipped into my waiting net, a much better fish indeed.

Ah....that's better. 6lb 4oz.
 Chuffed with that Tench, but maybe a Crucian to wrap up the day??, the answer was "no", but I did have a few more Tench to bring up the dozen and maybe 45lb of fish, not to shabby I must say.

In again, hard fighters on 3lb line.
Back she goes, great to see them go back strong.


  1. Beats my best from Harris by a couple of ounces, James. Good work on three pound line though one of the club members recommended a one pound bottom for crucians after midday. Saw him catching when everyone else was catching nought, so good advice. He was never gonna bank a six pound tench though...

    1. It was a little hairy and I did lose another good tench too, but after catching the biggest tench I really wanted a crucial to come along but it didn't happen, but oh well, it all clicked when I expected it to and pretty happy with that.

      I will always maintain if there isn't too many snags and the angler plays it properly and not try to bully them you will land them, I had my PB Carp of 35.8 on 6lb line, it can be done. But 1lb bottom??, that's risky and 3lb line is as low as I'd go.

  2. Nice fishing. So last season we both managed a crucian of 2lb 9oz from The Farm, this season we're both on a tench of 6lb 4oz (both on 3lb line) - I'm seeing a pattern here!

    1. Didn't know you had a 6.4 tench this season, missed the post. Destiny mate, destiny lol, although it's purely coincidence. The Crucians remained hidden as per usual.

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