Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Hard Work.

 Easy when it comes together though.

 Since purchasing my Farnham ticket I have only managed 1 trip out in search of Tench, so a couple of days ago I thought I'd head down to one the rivers on the ticket in search of Barbel and Chub using my preferred tactic, rolling. When I arrived early on it was clear that it wasn't going to be easy as the river was seriously overgrown and the water was barely pushing so my plan was straight out the window unless I walked the banks and find the water I wanted. Miles of walking searching out water proved to be fruitless for the most part and some bits looked so picturesque but in places it was only 4-6ft wide instead of 20+, it was that bad I continued past some that looked good but just couldn't bring myself to cast a bait in.

Beautiful but almost unfishable for large swathes.
 After more walking I had finally seen my first fish in the shape of a lovely big Barbel around 13lb accompanied by 3 smaller ones but were in such a position that casting to them was impossible so I just stood and watched them for a few minutes in envy, downstream of where I saw the Barbel I decided to have another roll under some trees into a deeper pool, first cast nothing, the second roll through my finger felt a slight tap-tap and I struck immediately into what I thought was a Barbel but turned out to be a good Chub, a few minutes and she was in, a proper bruiser and come the winter will be a cracking fish to save a blank as it was on that day.
My first Loddon Chub of 5lb 9oz.
 Above is my prize and unfortunately it was the only fish I managed on the river but as I found it so difficult I turned my attentions to Frensham Small Pond in search of Rudd, I wasn't to be disappointed either as I had roughly 30 in two hours but the largest was only 12oz, so my quest continues for some large Rudd but having never been I was pleasantly surprised by how well kept it is, I'll be back in the famous words of "Arnie".

Banking yet another Rudd on Frensham.
 I did also see some Red Kites hunting a field adjacent to me and managed to get about 20ft from a couple along with some pictures that turned out fairly well I think, with a high powered lens I know they would be better.

Stunning creatures to watch. One of a dozen on the hunt.
 Now a brief catch up for a trip the other morning before work where I headed out for a Barbel and with only 2 hours available I wanted to make it count and boy did it, after just 20 minutes in my first swim my quiver-tip lurched over to the surface of the river as a Barbel tore off downstream before plodding about heavily whilst gaining back some line after it's initial burst, I could see she was a goodun and as it cruised over the lip of my net I knew she would be a double figure fish and on the scales it was confirmed at 10lb 4oz, but as I forgot my tripod in the mad rush I had to make do with a mat shot. After that pristine Barbel I fished on for a little while but no more joy, I headed off to work a happy man and my first double figure Barbel of the season. (photo to come later).

 Another trip before that proved successful too as I had a quick session on the trot and again I was spot on the money with another couple of Barbel to roughly 6.8 along with a Chub around 3lb.

Very rare snail, that liked my rod.
Perfect rolling water.

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