Friday, 7 August 2015

Barbelling Session's.

 With my Rudd campaign looking to resume soon I thought about getting amongst some Barbel and with a few little pocket's of spare time knocking about I have been getting myself on the bank and hoping for a wrench or two to mix up my fishing a little.

 The other evening with a little rain predicted I set about building a swim and awaiting the fish to turn on, it took longer than I thought it would but a quick move proved pivotal as this slender summer Barbel fell to my BFR, the first of many no doubt and that was quickly followed by another of smaller ilk (5lb or so) but equally as powerful, oh how you miss a good scrap.....

The largest around the 7lb mark.
 So that evening session was a success and I wanted to get myself back into the swim that had produced previously for me but I had taken my father (James Snr) on a little guided tour for a Barbel with the hope he could manage one of these magnificent fish, size wasn't on the agenda as he doesn't get out much. We started by fishing likely looking areas and allowing a bit of time for fish to move onto our bait's but as we aimed to take a roving approach we quickly scrapped this idea and I thought trotting in these condition's would serve us best.

 Using 6BB Avon spigot floats fished at various depths we could get our baits into awkward position's with minimum of fuss, this tactic didn't take long either to provide a fish, a swift take on my rod had me scrambling to get the net prepared when the Barbel finally gave up, on relatively light tackle it put up a good showing. After unhooking and a brief check-up to see if it was okay she bolted off into the deep after reviving in the net.

 As I said size wasn't on the agenda and I simply wanted my Dad to get one, but it wasn't his day as I changed tactic again and I connected with a very decent Barbel, with my polarized glasses I could see the fish twist and turn deep in the pool, straight away I could tell it was a double and my heart started pumping hard all I had to do was to stop it from heading for the far bank vegetation and mid-river snags and I was okay, this was easier said than done but after some serious side strain she began to ease up, one last dive for freedom was curtailed early doors and just managed to get her into the net which was followed by a swift fist pump.

Amazing fish, feels good to catch such immaculate specimen's.
 Eagerly wanting to know what weight it would go I had the scales out and got a shock when after deducting the net she only registered 10lb 8oz, a frame of a certain eleven but did I care?, did I hell, a lovely fish glowing in the sun on a perfect summer evening, behaving well for a couple of photographs it then returned strong to make somebody else's day, my second double in as many weeks. Very happy with that result and it ended well for my father too a he banked a lovely Chub of 4lb, not a Barbel but a fish all the same.

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