Monday, 17 August 2015

Canal Rudd - Part One.

 It's been a while since I've wanted to get a start on my Rudd fishing, I did have a half-hearted attempt at Frensham Small Pond after the resident fish but it turned out to be hard work, so to make thing's tougher I decided to head down to Somerset in search of Britain's prettiest species of fish and I sure you would not argue, wild Rudd in beautiful surrounding's.

 The weather forecast all last week made bleak reading and thing's weren't turning out well, come yesterday evening the forecast was exactly what I was hoping for, bright sunshine and light wind is my ideal condition's for stalking Rudd and armed with a couple loaves of bread the hunt was on, I began my three-day quest with a stunning fish which was in great nick, after 20 minutes I had one on the bank, but this trip came with a target of a 2lb plus specimen with a 3lb+ fish unlikely but who knows what could happen!.

 As the day progressed the larger Rudd were starting to show, between me and my host we began to get some better stamp of fish, here are some of the fish that came to net during my first day on the cut...

Early doors and perfect condition.
Biggest of the day at 1lb 8oz.

Immaculate pound plus Redfin.

1lb 6oz...getting bigger.

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