Sunday, 2 August 2015

Not Quite To Plan.

 It has been a funny week in regards to the weather as it has been up and down like a fiddler's elbow, the fishing has been indifferent and recently I have been thinking of having a short break to allow the systems to sort themselves out, so bearing that in mind I planned on tackling early morning Bream. The 4am alarm sounded and hit the snooze button immediately for I wasn't ready and not enough sleep had been caught, I did finally get out and on the bank for roughly six, when I arrived I was met by drifting weed and a brisk down wind which made fishing extremely difficult, I did attempt to fish it but after just half an hour I knew it was futile so I packed up headed elsewhere.

There is a river there somewhere....
 Thing's looked better upon arrival at my next venue, surrounded by beautiful woodland and not a soul in sight I set about targeting the Tench and Bream that I know are present, both species are known to top 12lb+ and with specimen's like that available it's not hard to see why I really love fishing this lake, at first I was getting a few small pulls under on the float but nothing materialized, with a quick change of bait though saw a brace of lovely Tench fall in quick succession just off a large bunch of lily-pads, the fights were mind bending and very nearly lost both fish on numerous occasions as they seeked the cover of the vast padded area, needless to say they both deserved a well earned rest and laid perfectly still for a nice side-by-side shot.

Two in a bed - 6lb 1oz & 4lb 3oz.
 It was rather a quick fire bit of fishing as I remained biteless for nearly an hour before a small Bream of 2lb showed a liking to a small prawn, it was very slow after that and moved a couple of times around the lake but nothing doing, so another change of venue and also change of discipline as I decided to do some long trotting for Dace and Roach, with a slight possibility of an early season Grayling.

 I have never fished this stretch before so I really didn't know what to expect and it was set in some picturesque settings, so all I needed was some fish.....after 2 hours of trotting I had a thoroughly wet net with seven lovely Roach to 13oz and around a dozen Dace to an astounding 13oz 7dr, a specimen Dace picked out of a shoal of fish that averaged just 5oz, so I was glad I got my hands on the grand-mother of the bunch, very happy days indeed and another really big Dace to add to my collection.

Average sized fish of 5-6oz.
A proper good Dace.

Photo of the 13oz Dace will be put up as soon as I can sync my phone.


  1. Look forward to seeing the big dace, and that's a lovely looking pond. Not got many of those around here, surprisingly.

    1. It's up now, only a sling shot as it just wouldn't stay still, fidgety bugger. I do have some lovely lakes not far from me and do hold some specimen fish but even for the pleasure angler there are plenty of quality sport to be had, I enjoy fishing them thoroughly.

  2. Hello, James! It’s nice to see that even though your day started a bit slow and that you had to change location and deal with the weather, you still went home with a very satisfying catch. And that’s a very nice location you found there; the greenery and the water itself seemed great for a relaxing bout of fishing adventure. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    Melanie Daryl @ IslaMorada Fishing Source