Sunday, 9 August 2015

Big Dace in a Wild Place Part Two.

 The large Dace that I have seen recently and been lucky enough to catch a few of have been flickering through my mind over the last week so I had to satisfy my mind, a forty minute journey completed and I arrived roughly where the fish were last time but I know Dace move in their shoals a hell of a lot, I have never found them in the same place twice and finding them again is not easy as there is plenty of water with the addition of bank to bank weed with only small amounts of gaps but those are the only options.

 With the temperature reaching 27c by midday-ish the sport was tough and the Dace weren't feeding hard and I only managed one of 8oz 7dr, not a monster but with the abundance of natural food things are currently tough, as it gets cooler it will improve, plenty of Chub to 4lb 6oz also made an appearance but in the process of coming in to the net ruined the swims with their frolicking, but better than nothing I suppose.


  1. Have you bought a new camera?? Great pics, starting with that barbel the other day. Love the dace

    1. When you have a ghillie on hand you don't need to use the remote timer, the photos are better quality. The Dace are proving tough but I strongly suspect I am targeting them too early and should await the naturals to die back and they will have to rely more on less natural food sources.