Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Canal Rudd - Part Two

 With yesterday's success on the Rudd front I woke up this morning with a plan of where I was going to try, I wasted no time this morning on getting started with a slice of bread broken and tossed out to seek out the feeding fish and await the swirls to begin, but I saw something I didn't expect as a huge bow-wave broke out in amongst a weed bed, it shot off up and then double backed straight towards and under the bridge I was standing on, I first thought it was a crazy Pike but I had never encountered that before, then as some reeds downstream of the bridge started moving violently and then it revealed itself, in the half light I could make out a large head of an Otter as it popped up to check where I was, still able to see me on the bridge it went under and the bow-wave began again, an Otter on that canal could be devastating and could have a profound effect on such an intimate water, if it was a rogue then hopefully it buggers off but as the day progressed I was catching fish with suspected Otter damage, so I suspect it has been around a while or comes to visit on a regular basis to wreak havoc on the fish stocks.
Love fishing at dawn.
 Upon seeing that Otter I changed direction and headed away from where it was heading with the hope that things had settled down and the Rudd begin their morning munch, below is a piccy of the best I managed at dawn but I did see one a little bigger than my largest.

A stunning 1.4, didn't realised I looked so rough!
 I maybe had a dozen to 1lb 4oz before breakfast but I couldn't find many larger ones so after brekkie I hatched another plan and hoped it would pay off, 4 miles or so of walking up and down searching for a good one to cast at I had finally done so in the shape of a cracking 1.9 in pristine condition, this was followed up by a string of fish (1.5, 1.5, 1.3 & 1.0) these were all taken in a small section of the canal in very quick succession which was great sport and a bonus Tench on free-lined bread.
Not the biggest but it played very hard to get.
Notice the suspected otter damage on the upper lobe of the tail.

 And below is a couple of Rudd that were taken later on in the day and through all of the smaller fish I managed to bag myself a 2lb plus specimen and from what I can tell there simply isn't many of them in the canal so I feel very pleased to have snared one on the second day, the other fish weren't bad either as I banked a 1lb 8oz and a 1lb 10oz 2dr.

2nd biggest of my trip to Somerset.

A dirty fight off this beaut, my best for a very long time - 2lb 1.5oz 
 The largest Rudd really did fight hard and I did think that I'd lose it when it ploughed straight into a bank of weed and when I freed it from there she made a bee-line for the near-side reed line and very nearly did lose it, I scrambled up the bank for the net and mugged the fish before I could lose it, a huge sigh of relief when I looked in the net to see it laying up after what must have been just a tiring for the Rudd as it was me!.

A lovely place to spend some time, London is such a shite place to live.
Rudd Country.


  1. Jealous! I love rudd fishing but hard to find in Coventry.

    There are rudd of such size in the local canals and they are beautiful fish, but where the water is coloured by so many boats passing through they are silver coloured! Really rare though. Wish I knew of a way of singling them out...

    1. I've not caught good Rudd in many many years and do you know what? It's been too long so the journey down had to be made as I wanted to target fish that aren't on the Fens, bigger ones probably there but they are heavily targeted, I will however head over next summer and hope that the hoards have disbanded onto the next Mecca of angling.

      I've been jealous of Russell for ages for the Rudd he has contacted and the canal didn't disappoint, such a beautiful place ( excluding the minefields of dog turds ). I hope you find them though as they are so beautiful and would be a shame if you didn't encounter them.

    2. Yeah well Jealous, some fantastic looking fish there James, superb.

      Jeff you heard of Rudd within the flowing waters of Coventry or Warwickshire ? I've had fish taking bread off the top in lots of areas I fish but I've only had Chub and Dace. The Stour just outside Stratford looks ideal this time of year, so might give it a go when I get a chance. I usually fish it in winter, I've not fished it in the summer (if you can call it that) as of yet.

  2. Marvellous effort. Now get off my land!

    1. Very very happy.....I stole a couple of cows, is that okay?, had to do something Londonerish, wouldn't feel right otherwise 😅