Saturday, 4 February 2017

Chub on the Quick.

 Short and sweet. Sometimes when after species like Chub and Barbel longer sessions aren't usually needed as if the conditions are right, location and bait selection are spot on too then just like last Wednesday evening the indications come fairly quickly.

 I aimed to get down the river for half five or along those lines but as six o'clock came and went I was still working, thankfully it wasn't a long drive but still took over an hour due to heavy traffic, once I had arrived the wind howled through the tree-lined bank but having made the effort I tried to ignore the blustery weather and find a swim where I would be sheltered, en-route I had a couple of areas in mind, the first I wanted to settle on was sheltered so that was perfect for me, I set-up a standard running 10" rig on a 1oz lead, bait wise with the conditions so bang on for static fishing I went with a 14mm LA Sausage Sizzle boilie.

 With it being pitch black I just flicked out ten-foot out but with lots of debris coming down I didn't want to go any further out in the flow, ten minutes later I had a very confident rap and my Mark IV came alive, but only momentarily, likely to have been a tentative pull on the bait but not a committed take, fifteen minutes after that the decisive slam of the tip came, this time there was no hesitation.

 Initially I thought it was a small Chub but once it slipped in the net and lifted it out of the river I could clearly tell it was a decent fish, the bend in the rod whilst playing it was healthy but didn't know it was going to be a 5lb plus fish. Pleasantly surprised for certain as a five pound Chub on any river is a good fish, had a very good season for them but "sixes" have been hard to find, could I find one downstream?

5lb 4oz, not what I expected.

 Three swims and an hour or so later and the answer was a resounding no, certainly not a reflection of my approach, simply either the Chub and Barbel were not home or not feeding. with the river carrying colour and pushing well I was surprised I didn't have any more enquiry's, another time it may be very different.

Fat as butter!

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