Sunday, 2 December 2012

An Icy Mornings fishing

On Saturday I ventured out for a short morning session and braved the cold weather to hopefully keep my good run of form going and but with this cold weather I was more hoping than expecting but I remained optimistic and deployed my usual tactic, the long trot.

The aftermath of a cold night.
 Briefly after I had set up I got a ripping take on the float and I was in to a Barbel that decided to fight extremely well and upon netting the small specimen realised that it was one the better coloured fish that inhabit this river system and unfortunately the camera didn't pick up the bronze colouring but the size of the tail also struck me for a Barbel at 4lb 3oz it was massively disproportionate which explained the strong fight it gave me.

Around 10 minutes after reviving that Barbel I cast just upstream and long trotted back down through the swim I was just in and down a fast channel of water when again my float buried itself and I was hooked into something a lot more substantial and as it came up river towards me on the bottom over the gravel I saw a huge shape shadowing the bottom easily into double figures when it turned back down river it hit something on the bottom and it escaped, it is fast becoming a common occurrence for me and that's got to be at least 2 double figure Barbel I have lost this season, I can't say I'm not getting the chances I just can not land them due to unforeseen reasons.

 Later on the session I did manage a good Chub also on the long trot which at first I thought was a Barbel when it started to take line but quickly gave up on the power and slowly came in, a quality winter Chub of 4lb on the nose but I thought it would go a bit bigger.

 Out in search of some big Roach and Rudd (2lb +) is the target, on Monday hopefully the rain does not ruin the days intended sport.


  1. That's a hell of a tail on that Barbel....

    1. Seeing that tail it's no surprise it fought like a bat out of hell!