Sunday, 16 December 2012

Rapid Barbel Fishing.

 Last night my brother Chris and I went out for a short evening session in the hope of catching a Barbel and maintain my great season in pursuit of the species and on Saturday night it was no different with 2 good Barbel banked in a short space of 10 minutes in a 5 hour session, with your host hooked and landing a nice Barbel 7lbs 5ozs and only a couple of minutes after I released my fish back into the river my brothers rod then went crazy with an identical take as mine, with a wrenching take downstream thus hooking themselves automatically and with the deeper water in front of us we both experienced good strong fights with Chris's Barbel fighting a little better, with Chris's Barbel weighing in at 7lbs 7ozs he was again a happy man for sure.

 Recently I have been teaching my brother how to equip himself in regards to fishing for Barbel and now he has had 2 Barbel in 2 sessions both in the 7lb bracket, teaching the set-up of rigs that I use and also watercraft even at night and learning how to play the fish once they have picked up the bait.

 Also a brief list of the tackle used: Rovex 12lb braid for the hook link, Atomic Tackle 'grabba' size 6 barbless hooks, small swivel and on the hair a standard pellet ( Elips )

 Photos were taken by Stu who did join us for the evening to sit and chat the night away, also catching two Barbel himself at 7lbs 8ozs and 8lbs 1ozs, so a good night for all. Great pics Stu cheers!

My 7lbs 5ozs Barbel at 19:52

The teacher and pupil with a 7lbs 7ozs Barbel at 19:58

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