Saturday 8 December 2012

Fishing Exploits 1st year.

 Today marks my 1st birthday of this blog and in such a short period of time I have had the pleasure of sharing some fantastic catches of fish from the smaller species ie, Gudgeon pushing the British Record size to Carp over 30lbs and bags of Roach that would make the mouth water, plus an amazing specimen Barbel from the Hampshire Avon, so far this season alone I have broken 3 personal bests, but fishing really is just at the end of the day a hobby that I enjoy and being away from the hussle and bussle that is life in London on a bank just waiting in anticipation for that next fish that could just could be.........Thanks to my audience for dropping in and tight lines for the future.

 Just a small collection of fantastic fish I've captured over the last year since the blog was created.

 10lbs 14ozs Bream.
 31lbs 3ozs Mirror Carp.
 5lbs 10ozs Chub.
 A brace of 2lb Roach, 2.0 and 2.2.
 5ozs Gudgeon.
 5lbs 12ozs Brown Trout.
 14lbs 6ozs Barbel.
 11lbs 12ozs Barbel.


  1. Great stuff mate - every last one better than anything I've ever managed! The trout is stunning.

  2. The Mirror is a cracking (but f'ugly) fish James, brings to mind the expression "Who ate all the pies?"
    Awesome catches mate, thing is they will be hard to top!?


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