Wednesday 12 February 2014

Hurricane Force Chub.

 This morning Roach were on the agenda and my Dad decided to come and join me in pursuit of a good Roach and I am still searching for my Holy Grail, a 3lb Roach. Having looked at the weather forecast all week and this morning I didn't feel over confident but there's always a chance of a surprise, the country was issued with a Red warning for the 100mph plus winds and in Surrey we were expecting winds of up to 80 mph, but we were both hoping that we would escape the wrath of Mother Nature for a few hours.

 Cue...... the river...... my exact words were to my Dad was, "erm I don't think we are going to catch any Roach today", the river was up so high and coloured as I was expecting a little but after having no rain for over 24 hours we thought the river would have emptied most of it and fined down, but we were wrong, so in these conditions the only species that is mad enough to feed is a Chub, it wasn't long until Dad took one on the trot, a good scrap but it was never causing any issues.

Dad's 3lb 15oz Chub

 It was only his second cast into that swim in particular and that was the only take in that swim, not alot happening we folded away and headed off up river and the wind was already battering us and the rain started to come down and it wasn't pretty, we were both soaked through to the bone and I had suggested we couldn't get any wetter, so I stuck it out for a fish of my own and it took around 25 minutes until I finally got a belter of a take, two minutes later I had a good sized Chub in the net, an easy 4lber.

My 4lb 9oz Chub in the torrential rain, should have been a six for the effort.
 That was it for the session, we had had enough of the weather and retired home to get dried off, will the rivers return to normality before March 14th, somehow I doubt it, such a shame, anyone for a bet on a hosepipe ban this Summer !. 


  1. Not sure if you need a meddle or a time-out in a padded cell. Nice fish in cr*p conditions guys!

    1. (better than being at work though)

    2. Medal??, I think a lobotomy is more what is needed but you've got to be in it to win it.


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