Thursday, 27 February 2014

Traditional Against Modern.

 Carp fishing is always good fun whether you are stalking them out on a quaint lake where a possibility of a 30lb plus is always just potentially a cast away, or you could be sat behind two rods in a bivvy whilst waiting for them to find your bait, I myself will deploy whatever tactic is best for the conditions, but waggler fishing for Carp is great fun and that was my chosen tactic for my 1 on 1 match with my brother Richard who challenged me and I accepted, anything for a bit of fun.

 The session wasn't in search of a monster but to catch as many as possible, Rich fished the modern way with boilies and all the modern Carp gear, I fished with a cane rod and centre-pin on the waggler with bits of bread. My float didn't stay still for long and with in twenty minutes I was in, 7.14 Common Carp was the first on the bank and on the next cast the bait didn't have time to hit the deck and the float was off again, Rich looked on in shock while his rod laid dormant and another Carp on the bank.

1st blood at 7lb 14, the biggest of the three Carp.

Pretty but bloody noisy.
 By the end of the session I had ended up with 3 Common Carp and a small Bream, Richard finished on......well nout, he drew a blank and made the age old mistake and follow everybody else in regards to bait, tackle and not moving around, if it isn't happening, move. I think the bait selection today was what made the difference, always great fun battling Carp on light tackle and I can't get bored of using cane rods, are you a traditional angler or modern?, traditional certainly won today, quite comfortably.

 After we finished we had a walk down the Thames and bumped into a family friend of ours who owns a couple of boats that he fishes from and showed us a picture of a 27lb Pike he had last week during some of the awful river conditions and had just released a 15lb Pike before we got there, so they are feeding, I may get involved in that, we shall see. Tight Lines Guys.


  1. How about modern kit in conjunction traditional methods? best of both worlds...possibly. Last two weeks of the season so I better get on the river in search of some chunky chub. Great post

    1. It can certainly work Daniel, I do occasionally deploy those sort of tactics but I can't do buzzers and bivvys for 48-72 hour sessions, give me a spring or summer morning and a stalking rod anyway of the year.

      Good luck with those Bream on the ressys, they aren't easy but give it another focus I'm sure you will extricate some of its treasures.