Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Lovely Chubly.

 Ever had a dilemma where you have a day off work? and you know your going to utilise that day fishing but just had no concrete plans and couldn't decide where to go or what species to target. Today was one of those days and after much deliberation before breakfast I choose Chub, the great thing with Chub is they feed in almost any condition, I packed a tin of meat, block of cheese and a loaf of Warburton's, off I went.

 I picked probably the best day of the year so far to go fishing weather wise, I packed light so I could cover a decent amount of river. The first swim I fished in didn't yield any fish or bites but I knew that it would take time to locate the shoals of Chub that exist and maybe even a Carp or Barbel in the deeper stretches, it took 6 swims in total to find a fish, first take took a long time to come but I had little enquiries on the float with nout clear cut, my first hittable bite was a cracking take and a very sturdy fight followed, the fight was probably the longest I've encountered off of the species and then the Chub came to the surface out of the murky water, straight into the net. A good one bagged.

 A good 5lb plus Chub, which was swiftly followed by a another Chub of 4.7, the Chub were really starting to feed in earnest and with in ten casts I had a further 4 Chub and two of those were also 4lb + fish, 4.3 and 4.15, it was a good head of fish in that swim and it wasn't done either. The swim went quiet for 20-30 minutes but I stuck to it and carried on trotting with just one more take, another cracking Chub of 5lb 5oz, two 5lbers in a day is good going, great fun too on the centre-pin.

The two 5's, 5.9 and 5.5, both in immaculate nick.

A good batch of Chub, 4's and 3's, plus a little one.


The Chub swim, Chub aplenty, 9 from this swim in the end.
 Near the end of the session I put some bread on as the cheese and meat bites dried up, within a few trots I struck into a bite that looked very Roach like and the fight, the same, but maybe because it was a Roach, after that I fished on for around an hour but not another touch towards darkness, packed up and headed home, another good day out and plenty of my target species caught, including to five pluser's and one an ounce shy of five too.

A pristine specimen of around 10ozs.


  1. Great fishing James. I may have a quick session for the chub before the season ends. Tight lines. Dan.

  2. Excellent catch, well done