Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Lure of Pike Part Two.

 After a long week at work, Saturday was looked forward to with much anticipation, the incessant rain has meant the rivers are still rising or maintaining there levels so it was down to targeting a Reservoir or a lake for a Pike or two, the forecast was not looking to clever but I really wanted to get out and after a bit of thinking I went down to one of my ticket waters in search of an Esox.

 Recently I had purchased some more Rapala lures and today I used them to try and tempt some predators, Pike on this venue go in excess of 20lbs but are seldom caught due to the lack of anglers chasing them which is where I come in, there is a possibility of something more special than that, it is somewhat an unknown entity, but it isn't an easy water as I have found out over the last half dozen trips or so.

 The rain throughout the morning was whipped in by fierce winds, but you can't catch them sat at home, with in 20 minutes I had a solid take off of a Pike I would have thought but the hooks didn't set and it took another 40mins before I got another opportunity, the take caught me totally by surprise as the Pike charged out from under the bank I was standing on, most exhilarating it has to be said, the fight didn't last long but it was great fun, a good little jack of 4lb 10oz.

Small but welcome.

One snaffled Rapala.

 I stayed for about half-an-hour after that Pike and did have two more takes, another of which was a Pike that I bumped which was quite a bit bigger maybe 7-8lb and the other being a Perch that was hooked on the chin, whether it was hooked properly at first and a set of hooks came free who knows. Unfortunate, but at least I did not draw a blank, another Esox towards my target, am I going to reach it? It's not looking straightforward as I thought it would be in September.

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