Tuesday 20 May 2014

Fishing in Lincolnshire.

 Well, the title may imply that I solely went up the east coast of England just for fishing, which was not the case, myself and the other half headed out of London on a 4 day much needed break from the bustle of our busy town, we made the 3 hour journey up by train and then relaxed in the balmy 20c + weather and lazed around on the beach and did a bit of touristy stuff but one thing that I had researched on was....potential fishing opportunities, of course I packed a rod and some basic tackle, but a majority of the lakes available near to where we stayed were only Carp lakes.

 We got into Skegness ( Jewel of the North ) for holidayers within the top half of the country without going abroad, we actually stayed in a small town called Mablethorpe on the coast, roughly 20 miles from Skegness although we did spend a small amount of time there on the beach and looking around the shops, or mainly the other half did and I did bag duties.

 As the regular viewers may know, Carp aren't my number one species but when the opportunity presents itself I will give it a go, but one of the fisheries I looked at had a good head of Roach to 2lb and Rudd also to 2lb, the Rudd certainly made me excited and after just 10 minutes on the Saturday morning I spotted a few large Rudd basking on the surface near a reed-line, the omen's looked good but as the day went on the sun got hotter and the Rudd only wanted to sun themselves, my plan of catching one looked set to be a difficult one from the off, but I certainly didn't blank as I had a bag of Roach, Skimmers and a solo Mirror Carp, I only spent around 6 hours fishing as the trip up north was to spend some quality time away in a quaint but very pleasant part of the country that I had never been to.

Typical views everywhere you went.

Plenty of these.....

And these....

hmmmmm....... a few more, biggest at 10ozs.

Oh and a Mirror Carp to break the monotony. 4lb 4oz.

That's more like it... a couple of these too.

African coast??, guess again, the beach next to our accommodation.


  1. What no pic of you carrying bags? Would of been the best pic ;p

    1. Bags pfft, had enough of god damn bags, prefer to be fishing rather than carrying bags but that's the nature of a quick fire holiday from busy London. The pace of life up there is almost that of another dimension, shops closing at 2pm??? 1 bus an hour??? god...no Oyster!!! What's the world coming to lol. Over and Out.


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