Friday, 23 May 2014

Carry on Carping Part Two.

 Leading on from the first short trip out in search of Carp I have since done a couple more sessions but again they have been extremely short session's and not the sort of sessions I prefer but they can yield some great results and have done in the past many a time, so there is no reason why it won't happen again, so a short trip last Thursday morning and another Tuesday night an hour before dusk, both sessions provided sport which was exciting and equally as peaceful, you and your fishing and nothing else to bother you, the sessions I enjoy the most.

 Thursday last week I had a 2 hour stint on a localish lake in search of a Carp, the tactic was simple and adapted the terminal tackle to whether the fish were feeding on the surface or along the bottom, 40 minutes of chasing fish around a bay I finally got one to take my suspended bread-flake, the bay I was fishing was flat calm until I hooked the Carp then the swim exploded into white water and foam, a cracking battle at 6am is enough to wake anyone up and if I wasn't woken up by the fight then it beating me up on the mat would have done it, the Common wasn't a monster but certainly was in great shape, crazy buggers.

Locked into battle mode.

11lb odd of pure muscle and pristine condition.

Bend over then......

Some perfect looking swims to be fished.
Dawn on the Carp lake.

 So after that lovely looking Carp I headed off up north for 4 days which was touched on in my last post, arriving back on the Monday after, a trip after work on Tuesday was decided on and headed out with the float gear and half a loaf of bread, within 45 minutes I had done something five anglers hadn't done in hours of fishing, that was hook a Carp. The larger Carp didn't come first though, a bag of smaller Carp devoured my bread before the larger ones could get to it, the speed that these baby Carp were hitting it was almost reminiscent of a school of Piranha, but after I got through these ravenous little sods a larger Carp finally snaffled up my bait, the float slid away and instead of striking into something tiny the rod tip lurched back down towards the water, it was no 4 inch Carp, 5 minutes later a nice chunky Common Carp lay resting in my net, happy days for me and that capture was all too much for one angler as he promptly packed up as I had landed that Carp, call it coincidence but it seemed like that it were the straw that broke the camels back, but did I care? Not a jot.....all the anglers fishing the lake were pumping out 3oz leads or tackle to that nature out to islands and waiting for the fish to find them, I fished a rod length out at around half the depth on the float and moved it around to find the activity.

14lb 1oz, a proper thick set, pukka fish.
 Could only hope to catch that fish in 5-10 years down the line, it has potential to be big, but once upon a time it looked like these.......

Amazingly small, but one day may be a twenty pounder.

The prettiest Mirror Carp, perfection in miniature.
 I will be heading off out and looking for some more Carp but as the weather warms furthermore I fear that they will be looking forward to spawning rather than feeding, but I can only try, nearly the beginning of the river season is upon us, this year it has gone quick. 


  1. And a lovely commn ro boot.
    No fugly's here please

    1. Spellcheck anyone?, Nout wrong with Mirror Carp I love the fact that they are all individual, target this season is another 30lb plus Carp, but the ultimate goal would be an English 40!!