Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Trout on the Fly Part Five.

 This Trout fishing business is starting to look easy from just looking at the previous posts but I can assure everyone that the amount of effort put in is huge, the last couple of trips I have found the correct flies to use and worked out how to fly for them, but what's helped me more than anything else is being in the thigh waders, they open up so much more water and even in the parts you can fish from, being in the water makes life so much easier, plus it allows much better presentation and I'm almost convinced that that has contributed to a larger quantity of fish.

 After working the entire bank holiday weekend, a whole day out on the bank wasn't possible but the snippet of time I had on Saturday when I banked a new personal best Perch was all that I could manage but today I had a day off and fishing was hoisted back onto the agenda, let's go Trout fishing.

 So this is how it went.....

A cracking Brown Trout at 2lb 11ozs, just what the doctor ordered, perfect condition as usual.

A couple of photo's of the 2.11 Trout.
 That Trout above wasn't the first either, before that one I had a smaller brownie of about 8oz, but this certainly fought harder than the little guy, but the small Trout are so much easier to find and catch, the larger Trout seem to be harder to find and seem to be much more weary of flies and anything else to that matter, but the day was to get better but also something alien would put in an appearance.
A small one but they are great fun.
A Brown Trout? nope guess again- it's an unwanted Goldfish from someone's pond.
 What on earth is that doing in a river and secondly taking a fly in amongst a trio of Trout, well in angling I've had many strange catches and know doubt I'll manage more in the future, then after that it was business as usual with two more Brown Trout both again around the 9-10oz mark, but as I was walking downstream I peeped into a swim which has a deep gravel/chalk hole with some Ranunculus covering the bottom but as the weed swayed it revealed a shoal of Chub, three of which were very big fish, two I estimate at 5lbs and the largest was getting on for 6lbs, it was a very good Chevin, but they were extremely alert to my presence so trying to tempt them on the fly would be near impossible, so I left them to do what fish do and come back when the coarse fishing season starts.

 Through all of the small Trout a much larger one downstream was found and after only a single cast I was entwined into a battle of the will, I had picked on a spotty that certainly didn't want bothering and a battle of nearly 5 minutes started, it lasted so long I managed to get a minute-and-a-half video rolling whilst I was playing it, but my will and fly rod were stronger than that of this large Brown, when it slipped into a ever smaller looking bow net I knew this fish was well in excess of 4lb, another big fish successfully caught, the fishing gods are looking after me at the moment, this fish has to have been the easiest big Trout I've ever caught simply for the lack of effort it required to catch with a Black Muddler doing the business yet again, as it has done so frequently this season.
Angling perfection.

 A typical fish in regards of condition, I have seen a couple of Trout this size but not managed to catch one but this is my 2nd Brown over 4lb but at 4.1 it fell short of what I thought it would but still a very large fish, happy days, but all the time I've spent on the bank I haven't yet seen a Trout that could eclipse my PB yet, do they exist in here anymore? and if they do, where are they?, it's a question I am hoping to answer by banking one or at least spotting one, maybe I will have to look in more obscure places and stretches of river that rarely get fished or even never, it is possible that a couple may be seeking shelter away from the main population, just waiting for one to grace my net, but unfortunately it wasn't today as the session then turned into a Dace fest again with 9 coming in a space of 45 minutes with the biggest weighing at 9ozs, a big Dace although I lost one that was well in excess of 12ozs maybe closer to a pound than 12oz, but as the Dace rose to the fly I was to eager to strike and must have finely lip hooked it, these are the rest of the pics of the day.

A stocky Chub of around 2lb.

Biggest of the day at 9oz.
 The session ended with a cracking total, here is the scores:

Brown Trout = 9--- 6 between 4oz & 10oz, 2.5, 2.11, 4.1
Chub =1 2lbs
Dace = 10------all between 4oz & 9oz being the largest
And a pond cast off, a orange Glodfish which coincidentally was really fat and weighed more than it's size would suggest. 

Tight Lines Piscators.....


  1. The Fair must be in town? A goldfish how many darts you throw for that James? lol

  2. Just the one, I am good shot and no time to waste at the fair with fishing to be done!, a good days angling though.