Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Catching Carp Part Three.

 The next couple of posts aren't in chronological order but as I left off with Carp I might as well carry on with them. This evening I had a go on one of my ticket stillwater's and I was joined by my father for a walk and maybe an opportunistic cast to a Carp, normally when I say opportunistic it means I probably wasn't leaving without having a cast at one or two. With all the recent rain the weed has died back massively and the water has coloured up, usually when this happens they get their heads down and start digging for whatever they can find, for 20 minutes we both had a slow wander looking in all the little bays and lily pads looking for tell-tale signs of Carp.

 None were found until we got to a sunken tree just off of a marginal shelf when I noticed a nice Common hoovering up weed and small invertebrate, armed with a very delicate set-up and a stout 9ft rod backed up by 10lb line so if it were to make off for cover I could persuade it not to, cue the cast.....perfection first time around and within a heart beat my bait vanished, no delay, the hooking was immediate and a good sized Common tore off, a typical fight followed but after it's initial couple of powerful runs she pretty much gave up, I was thankful for my great ghillie "Dad" or James Snr who expertly slid my dilapidated net under her, good job too! ( He has had many years of practice I must admit ), we swiftly put her on the scales and she registered a healthy 22lb 14oz, largest of the season so far, but then it all went a bit pear shaped, when I mentioned my net was a bit worst for wear it was actually in terrible condition, where I had some winter Pike in it, cutting trebles out and so on had made it look like a connect 4 board, to cut the story short when we put her back after weighing to get her breath back she found one of the holes and went berserk and forced it's way through one of the decent sized holes and made so big with force behind her that she swam out the net and to freedom without a piccy, sorry guys no evidence just my word, good enough for me though.

 Obviously with no net it was home time, probably my shortest ever session but extremely fruitful, happy days.

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