Sunday, 28 September 2014

Catching Carp Part Four.

 After my recent travels for Perch and Pike I decided to break it up with an early morning's Carp fishing, up and ready a shade after 5am the plan was to be on the bank before sunrise which unfortunately at this time of the year is nearly 7am but there was enough light to just see through the water and find out where the Carp where patrolling. A week or so ago I did have a quick look with a rod in the morning and a lot of Carp were showing with one certainly over 30lb and plenty over 20lb which I did manage to get amongst, one of about 24-25lbs which hammered out of the shallows and straight into a thick weed bed, when I cast out for that fish I knew it was a possibility so when it happened I was a shade disappointed but the hook pulled out when the tension was taken off and about an hour later the same thing again with a Mirror of 20lb or so.

Stunning colours. 12.4

 With that trip in mind last week I stepped up the gear a shade and was rewarded with a Common of 12lb 4oz which was beautifully marked, very dark and had a hint of Koi about it with flex of orange throughout the scales and also on the belly, not a big Carp at all but glad to have caught one as on this lake in particular it can be extremely difficult but was typical that I didn't get the chance to cast at many now that I had the tackle to deal with it as last week my intention was the specimen Bream and 6lb probably wasn't a great idea but the 2nd Carp was all but beaten, all the weed dodged until the very last when it made one last dash and found a small bed of weed which inevitably was my downfall, I will bank a couple of these bigger Carp before the autumn is out and hopefully find some of these big Bream again, the purple patch I hit was obviously short lived.

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