Thursday, 25 September 2014

On the Trot for Specimen Gudgeon.

 Targeting large Gudgeon is difficult work especially when they are hard on the feed because the numbers of fish are usually quite high so finding the bigger specimen's can prove tough, last Saturday I fished for a couple of hours and I was successful on the Gudgeon front, but also came a few other species too and one of which was one I did not expect, a brown goldfish...this was obviously someone's unwanted pet which seems to have established itself adequately along with a nice orange one, something's you find in this system almost leave you wondering what next might I catch, bearing in mind during the fly season I caught an orange goldfish on the fly, strange but true.

 The gudgeon that I caught was the sort I wanted to catch, for all the Gobio's present in this particular weir pool only the one was caught which seemed strange but good in a way because usually I would have to plunder through maybe 20 before the larger ones appeared and at probably around the 2.5 to 3oz mark it was a belter which measured at 7.2 inches in length and fairly well fed too.

Bigger exist in that pool, only time will tell.

 An obligatory Barbel was joined by a few other silvers and also a cracking Chub graced the net which weighed just over five pounds, although it lacked depth it certainly made up for it in length and thickness, the average weight is getting bigger quicker, a six should come out this winter and I hope I catch it too.

 Below are some pictures of some Buzzards playing up in the thermals which were wreaking havoc on the Pigeon population but were a joy to hear and see.


  1. Hope you're still up for the specimen gudgeon hut in Feb/March... Target a 4oz fish... Got my mini scales...

    1. I certainly hope so and I will be doing a couple of sessions for them, a 4oz Gobio will be the target but it has the pedigree to do a BR, I will eat my hat if it doesn't.