Sunday 21 September 2014

Predators Part Two. Stillwater.

 During my trip to Wye I was lucky enough to have caught some large Perch, two of which were over 2lb and bearing in mind before this season had started I had only caught two fish over the 2lb barrier in my entire fishing years, now I have managed to get a few under my belt I feel that I could certainly attempt to catch some more and maybe some larger specimen's over the 3lb mark.

 Over the last week I have managed to scrape a couple of very short sessions together in search of soldier's, both sessions weren't particularly long but they were very productive with my first session providing me with some fun on the spinner as no less than 21 Perch came to the net but were of a small stamp as the largest was no more than 12oz, but I know larger ones do exist in this quaint lake, so the gauntlet has been laid down to try and find them.

Small but very colourful.

 The second session was looking a lot tougher as hits on the spinner came at a premium and when they did the size of the Perch again were 4-6oz in weight after only 3 in an hour's fishing I thought that the day's bright sunlight must have put them down in the weed so I stuck around and waited for the sun to start cooling off and when it did things improved drastically, once I had found a shoal of fish I stuck around to try and get through the pecking order to finally hook up with a good Perch.

1.14.....just the size I wanted to catch.

 After my third Perch from the shoal I connected to another small one but this one got about 6ft from the bank and a large Perch chased it nearly nailing it, this was exactly what I wanted to see - my confidence soared seeing that, the very next cast my 6ft spinning rod slammed over, one of those bigger fish that had hoped to have found was charging around, it wasn't long before I'd slipped into the net. Normally where one larger soldier is more will be very close by and with that 1st decent fish located I was sure that I would at least get a shot, one thing I was not counting on is that the very next cast was hit solidly as a chunky stripey slammed my 7g Abu gold spinner that next big Perch was on and although it fought very well my Dad was on hand to dip the net under what was a definite 2lb plus fish.

Another 2lb plus Perch, starting to get good at this! ( 2lb 3oz )
 Next post will be a catch up from Saturday's short trip out. Tight lines until then.


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