Sunday, 28 September 2014

One Last Fluff Chuck.

 As the fly season comes to a close I thought I would have one last fling after some spritely Brown Trout, the fight never gets boring and how clever they can be when trying to deceive them with flies, sometimes it is so easy and others annoying difficult but on the whole I feel I do quite well and today I managed to catch two more pristine reason's as to why they can not be ignored for long.

2lb 6oz taken on a Daddy-long-legs.
Also this belter of Brownie at 4lb 4oz was taken on a rapid piece of water on a cat's whisker with a bit of orange tinsel wrapped around the fly, they can be stupid, sometimes.

Rudd top and Roach bottom.

Also I did have other species on the fly too, with a couple of smaller Rudd and Roach around 3-4oz and also a quality Chub of 4lb 2oz taken on a gold flashy thing that I don't the name of so I just named it "Chub fly" to rid the confusion, all in all I didn't catch bags of fish but I arguably could have had four or five Brownies but didn't wait it out to find the fly they would take.
Next up is a trip down to Dorset in search of Pike and I'm hoping I can get amongst them. 

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