Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Predators Part Three. Stillwater.

 A hectic start to the week was rewarded with a short session this evening after some Perch and of late I have found some cracking stripey's and a couple of which have been over 2lb, for me these are very good Perch and I feel that a 3lb Perch isn't far away, so the more I can get out with the spinning rod the better chance I have in catching one.

2lbs 8oz Perch, spot on.


 It wasn't long before I started catching Perch but the first 5 that I had were small guys up to around 5ozs but as dusk drew nearer I had a smashing hit on a 7g Abu gold-black spinner the sort of take I relish, a proper Perch was ducking and diving whilst stripping line for short spells of time, as it closed in on the net a pound or so fish got remarkably larger and as I pulled back the mesh this fantastic looking specimen lay proud before being weighed and photo'd before slipping it back, my sixth 2lb + Perch this season and I hope for many more.

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