Friday, 19 June 2015

First Barbel Session of the Season.

 During the closed season I had a think through certain aspects of my fishing that I feel I excel in and ones that I don't do particularly well in, predators seem to be my sticking point so I will try harder to improve my predator angling over the coming months but as the warm weather is upon us and the rivers have recently opened up I wanted to go after a Barbel, adopting my usual roving tactic travelling light is essential and to aide me to do this, (below) is a very comfortable rucksack and has just the right everything, I don't work for Korum in anyway but credit where credit is due, if I were to make a bag this would be it, ( apart from the drawstring straps-that broke on the first day :-( ).

Everything in there I possibly need for whacking out Barbel.
 Having arrived at around 9am I gave myself a few hours to catch myself my target species, first swim I peered into with my polariod's on I could see a lovely pair of Barbel slowly working the bottom, in 6ft of water you can imagine how clear the water was to see that but seeing them wasn't really my only hope, I also wanted to bank one. Out went the deadliest Barbel bait and within 30 seconds the rod tip violently bent towards the river, I was in no doubt that my target was on the other end.
First of the season at 7lb 10oz.
 That first fish was certainly welcome and it was soon followed by another 3 fish from four swims, after the 3 months of rest and spawning finished these Barbel were on the feed and putting up some great fights in the swift current, oh how I missed that!.

A chunky 5.5.
Nearly ready.....
Pristine 6.8.
Lovely Moustache mate.
I see you....
One of my swims, guess where it is.
2nd 7lber of the day, 7.4.
 So plenty of pics but hardly any better that than a Barbel having been overcome and on it's way onto the net. I finished the day with Barbel (7.10, 7.4, 6.8, 5.5, 4.0) and Chub to 3lb 0oz.
Closure on a good morning.

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  1. If I worked for Korum I would have put a pocket on the inside back of the bag. Cracking start to the barbel and I think I've guessed the swim!


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