Friday, 19 June 2015

Bream Campaign 2015 Part Two.

 A worthy replacement.

 A very short session the other evening in search of Bream was the plan and instead of using the feeder/method feeder I fancied stalking the slabs using the waggler and bits of bread, when I arrived there was no sign of fish and it could have been anyone's guess where they were but luckily enough for me a small shoal of fish did move in and I could see them ghosting through the swim past an island I was stalking, the black shapes were cruising along the bottom but were so large they could be seen with ease, out with the bait and wait for one of them to hoover it up, I didn't think it would take long and I was right but it wasn't what I thought it was, a cracking Carp.

 5lb line, 13ft Diawa match rod and a size 12 barbless hook was my tackle and I was about to have a proper battle, the line peeled off the reel at a ridiculous speed and I thought I stood no chance in landing, the fish was 30yrds out and heading through a weed bed before it showed any sign of slowing down, I thought to myself that I could either gamble and tighten up on it and slam on the breaks but on such light gear would probably mean either broken tackle or the fish simply escaping or allow the fish to do what it wanted and I'd eventually lose it, so I took the gamble and more than 10 minutes passed before I started to really gain on it, the trainers and socks came off and I waded out with the small landing net to scoop up my prize and it was in the shape of a stunning Mirror Carp.

 On the scales this beautiful creature of 21lb 10oz not my biggest of the season but by far the prettiest and almost the prettiest Carp I've ever caught and I've had a few.....

Almost lost for words.
 The Bream didn't show after that but I didn't really care, although I had a nice Perch of 1.12 on a small worm.

A decent Perch again.


  1. Which Res was you fishing? Looking for a venue with some decent fish.

    1. Walthamstow is usually the complex I head to in search of big Bream where they average 9lb and up to 17lb but a larger one is surely possible, not an easy place but if you get it right then you could have a session of life time where multiple double figure slabs can be caught with ease. I normally go on number one.


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