Friday 12 June 2015

Summer Tench & Trout on the Fly.

 With the river season almost upon us it's nearly time to get amongst some big Bream and hopefully target a large Carp, before next Tuesday arrives I'll be fishing most of the time between now and then as my missus parties over in Ibiza with the girly's, do I need a better excuse to get out and wet a line??.....most certainly not and today I decided to take a fly rod for some action and I managed a trio of spotty's to 2lb and 3 Dace to 9oz which by the way I'm sure had a hint of Roach in it, slight hybridisation isn't something that I see much.

As pristine as is possible.
My biggest Dace on the fly at 9oz.
Testing out my new Canon dslr on some beautiful Trout water.
 So after that wander up along the river and suffering very painful blisters on my legs due to the waders rubbing on my calf's and writing this is a great deal of discomfort I popped out to open my account for a summer Tench, my tactic for this was my favourite way of fishing, stalking, no better way than stalk your target and watch it approach your bait with intent then the bread disappear's down it's bin-shoot, a fantastic fight culminated in a 5lb 11oz Tinca and I also lost a smaller one of 4lb or so, my biggest Tench of the season so far but I'm hoping to improve on that again. After the banked Tench there was no more action as the shoal moved away into the weedy bay, another time I'll be back.

Battle scarred 5.11.


  1. Lovely Tinca.
    Def see the red in the fin of the Dace.Not sure on the trout rofl

    1. The Tench was a lovely fish, your just first session for Orfe didn't go to plan, back on Monday me thinks, weather permitting.


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