Monday 15 June 2015

Orange Delight.

 Since the blogger's challenge had started there was a couple of species that I had never had the chance to catch so I was undertaking the job of silver-surfer to locate me a fishery where this species in particular resides, this species is the Golden Orfe, a fish that grows to 7lb + but a specimen is regarded from 3lb and above, my target was just to catch one. On Friday I started my task in capturing one and the session was very difficult, conditions I think were against me and I knew practically nothing about them, so having endured a very quiet day it was back home to do some homework.

 I returned today with a bit more of a clue, the correct bait, condition's were slightly favourable over Friday and lastly I gave myself a chance with a day to target these fleeting fish, I started the day by picking a swim where I thought would be good to intercept any passing fish on a marginal shelf, a constant spray of red maggots were fed into the swim at regular intervals to build up the swim and it didn't take long for the waggler to bury itself.

My first ever Golden Orfe at 8-10oz.
 I was not expecting it so soon but happy it came along, something bigger next hopefully. Then the Tench bubbles started to appear and it wasn't long before I was connected to a good tinca, which was followed by 3 more all of a good stamp.

Best of the day @ 5lb 10oz

5lb 6oz.

5lb 3oz

5lb 1oz.
 The Tench were great fun and all in brilliant condition and with no sign of the Orfe scooting around on the surface I opted to go mobile and stalk them when they showed up, finally. It took awhile but the opportunity did come along after a great deal of patience, a piece of bread flake floated on the surface and an Orfe came up in the water column and nudged the bait before taking it with gusto, a swift strike and a bright orange Orfe cruised to the surface whilst doing it's best to fight but not really doing much, if you have never caught one - location is absolutely everything, once in a position to catch one you will invariably catch it as I proved later on in the day.

2nd PB of the day @ 1.9.
 I would have been happy to end the day with that 1.9 golden orfe but the specimen hunter in me wanted to improve on that further, luckily for the specimen hunter in me that opportunity came by and it was certainly a bigger fish, the same tactic was deployed successfully and it was deja vu in regards to the approach and take, I started to get a little nervous that the hook hold wasn't great, thankfully though it was well taken and another PB lay in the net, this one though was a definite specimen fish of 4lb+.

My prized specimen at 4lb 5oz, a stunning creature.

Amazing creature.
 I came to fish this place for a specimen like this and have achieved what I wanted, I can now turn my attentions back to the Bream in a few hours but will look forward to some trotting as well for Roach, the day didn't finish there either as I caught a very small Crucian which was a great to see. A great day let's hope for more of those.

Little Cru.


  1. Good to see you making the most of your week off! I've always found Orfe to be absolutely horrendous fighters. But tbh the fight is actually one of the least important aspects of fishing as far as I'm concerned.

    1. The Orfe didn't fight like I thought it would, but I'm glad I got one because they are a pretty fish but it's all about location, once you've cracked that it's just a case of when.

  2. I've never been too sure about orfe but that photo just swung me in their favour. Incredible!
    Well done James. I wouldn't even know where to find one up here

    1. There's hardly any fisheries here too, but I managed to do some research and locate me a fishery, lo and behold on the my second visit I got my target, in regards to size, I actually was disappointed by the photos as I thought it represent just how large she was, but hey ho. If your ever around these parts I would be happy to direct you!


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