Monday, 21 July 2014

Countryside Slabs Part One.

 Well this post is a leading on from the last post "Enchant Me", where I targeted a water out in Surrey for monster Bream with the view to banking a new personal best, I've only spent one session for these Bream and had three, 2 of which were double figure fish ( 10.11 & 10.7 ), although I believe these fish aren't easy to catch I did have the best possible start and after a busy weekend I saw a window of opportunity to go for an evening's trip out for a Bream or two and knowing the stamp of fish here an enquiry could quite possibly be a PB.

Very unpleasant but thankfully didn't get any closer.
 When I arrived at the fishery I had to postpone my setting up and casting out as a vicious storm raged on in the adjacent fields, with constant lightning and thunder rumbling on I wasn't to risk getting struck so I waited for it to pass, I arrived around 7pm and I had to be out the gate by 9:30 so my time was severely shaved down but as I waited I humped out a kilo of white crump and about half-a-kilo of sweetcorn, when the storm passed and my focus was re-trained back to fishing from the lightning it was good to go, but dusk approached so quickly and 9pm was almost upon me and I was planning on packing everything away......then my 1.5oz quiver tip started to come to life, then I had a drop back which I missed, quickly followed by another, I had the two drop backs on consecutive casts so I thought that the hook length was too long so I shortened it by about 4 inches, out the bait went and within 3 minutes I got the take I wanted, a solid bend of the tip and it kept going as the Bream inched across the bottom with my quad-corn in it's gob.

 A good weight on the end of the rod my heart started to thump a little harder, but one thing about Bream is once you have thwarted their initial run or runs you tend to have them beat and this was the case, I had packed away most of the gear already by this time so I had scrambled to get my net resembled as I played the slab at the same time, another double I thought to myself and it looked bigger than the other two last time out, could it be a PB, it certainly looked it.

It was a new personal best too, 11 lbs 4 ozs, get in!!
 The fish I came out for under a lovely purple sky at dusk 11.4 on the Ruben Heaton's, very very happy with that and literally just as I put this fine specimen back two Bream porpoised together in front of me both of which were larger than the one I had just banked!!, food for thought as I packed up and headed back off home, another PB set but I don't think this one will stand as long as the previous did.

A pretty sunset on another great quick-fire session.


  1. I'd love to come fish that lake, James. Looks like a ship canal! But I suppose it's a rowing venue? Lovely big bream are impressive creatures, I think. There's a few top specimen anglers wasted half their lives in pursuit of them. I've had almost no luck whatsoever with them but not through lack of trying. Ha, you catch more big bream than skimmers. Up here it's skimmer city!

    1. I know, skimmers are few and far between down here in most places, but the specimens are there as I have found out, but they are very hard to find and as I reply to your comment I have just spent a 9 hour session fishless, the honeymoon period is over I suspect but the sun today I think put them into sunning mode. Try and try again.

  2. Nice one, can't see you taking long getting your thirteen pounder at this rate!

    1. Cheers Brian, a thirteen I hear you say, well I certainly hope so, but the amount of learning involved in this Bream fishing is surprisingly large, still got lessons to be learnt as I blanked today.