Saturday, 12 July 2014

Specimen Dace and Pesky Chub.

 Big Dace have long since been of a massive interest to me, one of my first ever was of 11oz which is big for the species, fast forward 16 years and I have improved on that a few times and have currently caught 3 over the magical 1lb mark, only recently I have started to find shoals of Dace but targeting them specifically has its difficulties as they share the same territories as the Chub and today was a perfect example, but before I go any further though today was not in search of a Dace, but Roach and Rudd were my intended quarry, although they were totally elusive and I only saw two Roach all day.

 The one and only Dace I had today though was well worth catching, I caught it roughly an hour into the session amongst the scores of Chub. A majority of the Chub were 4lb plus, so they were of a good stamp but when your targeting redfins the Chub can ruin your swims and I believe on this occasion this did happen, however catching such a big Dace the no-show of reddy's were banished fairly quickly.

14ozs of an immaculate Dace.
My biggest Dace in years.
Lovely and clear for all to see.
Thames Bream, snotty buggers but I want mid-double!
Oh Deer, what's that in the distance.

 Lovely sunset over one of my ticket lakes.

 A fin perfect chalk stream Chub of 4.6.

 On very long Chub but struggled to reach the 4lb mark.
 During the evening I was treated to a sight of some very large Bream, some of which were well in excess of my target weight of 13lbs, I will plan a trip very soon in search of one of these enormous dustbin lids and hopefully bank one, I believe it's possible, we will see shortly whether I can. Tight Lines until then.


  1. James,

    Cracking Dace that, not caught a big one for years. Must be in the early 90's from the Lea in Hackney. Well in ;-0

  2. Hi James.

    I was blessed to have fished the Wensum and it's tributaries in it's hay-day. Long trotting for big roach and dace. Best day was a 1lb 2oz dace and three roach over 2 1/2 pound. The dace were much harder to catch than the roach any day. Well done an on a great blog.

  3. Cheers guys, they do still exist, as for a British record? I'm almost certain it do, but who will catch it? You or I or one very lucky person, that's why we fish, it's the uncertainty that shrouds fishing, great isn't it. Good Luck and thank you for the comments