Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Countryside Slabs Part Two.

 This specimen Bream lark is starting to get fairly addictive, the real possibility of another personal best fish is there for the taking if I can learn the fishery, I must admit that the previous two visits have provided me with some fantastic fish, fish that 2 weeks ago never thought I would locate let or lone catch.

 But before I get on to today's session I'll do the catch up from yesterday evening when I embarked on a brief wander after work rolling meat and it was a success as I fished a couple of spots where I know Barbel frequent this time of the season, after probably 15mins I had a typical wrench on the rod as my luncheon meat was taken for a swim, it's been a long time since I felt that power and it felt good.

 Second fling for a Barbel and this 8lb 14oz specimen was the result of that great 5 minute scrap, happy days, good to have caught a decent Barbel after god knows how many months, well......back to today I suppose, this being my third session here after big Bream I was almost expecting to not catch a fish and after 9 hours of fishing through the roasting hot weather I ended up with the blank that I knew would come, I would be most naive if I thought I would come here every time and catch but for my brother Richard who accompanied me in search of Bream too ended the day with a new personal best fish of 9lb 1oz which is still a very good fish and he was understandably happy and backed that snotty up with a good Eel of 2.8 to 3.0lb, so at least one person left with a new pb but my time will come or maybe I've already had it.......

Bream of 9.1, well done Richy.

That's not too bad either.

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