Thursday, 3 July 2014

Rudd-y Fish.

 I arrived back from Turkey on Sunday morning and got into Gatwick about 5am, there was no point sleeping so I headed home to grab my gear together and turn around back to the train station, my destination: Marsh Farm, my target was one of our most aesthetic species in British waters, that fish the is the Rudd.

 I got there before Brian and I set up my stall on Harris lake but the first couple of hours were extremely hard work and the swim just didn't provide the sport I hoped, so I moved around the lake where it narrowed a bit and I found a ledge where there was a steep-ish drop and finally found fish that were feeding, the float started to dance around as the fish moved in on to the ever growing mountain of maggots that I was using to build the swim.

 Tench had moved in but some of the bites once I had got my eye in were certainly crucian's but I could not get close to them, even with my well balanced set-up, it wasn't delicate enough for them but for the Rudd it was perfect if I could get them to feed.

Not big but the species I wanted.

Lovely aren't they.

 Then the shoal of Rudd came in but weren't feeding as well as I had hoped and the shoal became quiet dis-interested, in the end they buggered off and the Tench moved back in, 4 Tench in an hour came to the net 4.14 being the biggest, also a couple of small Roach, Roach/Bream hybrid appeared amongst the masses of time that went by totally devoid of action. I will try again but the weather seems to be playing around at the moment, I will await some even more steady weather and try for the Rudd again, with hopefully a big Crucian chucked in for good measure.



Immaculate for a Marsh Farm Tench.

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