Saturday, 5 July 2014

Fun With the Silvers.

 Fishing in and around London does not always support good fishing in regards to silver fish, ie: Roach, Rudd, Dace and smaller species like Gudgeon and Bleak, over the last 10 years a lot of these fish have disappeared through a number of different ways but on Thursday I managed to locate a swim where there could be a shoal of fish and during my fly fishing throughout April and May I had done that hard work , so after some fishing for Trout upstream which I was successful with I then headed down to this secluded weir pool that I knew held fish but what did it hold, I was to find out over the course 5 hours which it took to build a decent bag just how many there were, a good afternoon's angling for sure and the first time in a very long time that I bagged up on silvers.

A typical chalk stream Brown Trout.

Trot to your hearts content.
 During the time I spent in the swim I bagged up in I had half a dozen Rudd to 12oz, 10 Roach no bigger than 6oz, the bag though mainly consisted of Dace for which I had 27 of and 3 Gudgeon to 2oz, a total of 47 silvers for me is very good fishing been a long time since I last done that.

Dace territory but no takers here.
My bag of silvers, plenty of fish, some went back earlier on due to being slippery.

 Later on in the evening I finished up rolling meat on some gravel runs and whilst briefly locating the deeper runs amongst the gravel I had a ripping take on maybe the fifth roll through which tore off up river and then straight into a snag, as the fish bore deeper into the snag I could feel my 6lb line grating on the trees it ploughed through but after a couple of minutes the fish backed out and back into open water, all this time I thought it was a sizeable Barbel, so you could imagine my surprise when a decent Chub broke the surface and slipped into the net, job done.

First Chub of the season. a 5lb 4oz chalk stream Chevin.

Not bad for 5 minutes rolling.

Good Barbel in this pool but no takers that evening.


  1. Top blogging lately James. I always love catching gudgeon. Doesn't look classic Rudd territory that stream! Glad you found a few.

    1. Thanks Russell, I appreciate it, I do like catching silvers big or small, but I woke up and fancied bagging up but the problem I had to overcome was where? But thankfully I found a shoal, Rudd are elusive at the best of time but I will catch more but I would love to find 1lb plus Rudd at some point in the future, but only time will tell.