Wednesday 2 July 2014

Fishing in Turkey.

 Since mid-June I have been abroad and after a few years absence for Turkey my partner Lucie and I decided to head back to a country we have been quiet a few times and whilst we were over there I managed to get some fishing done and Lucie even joined me for a day's boat fishing out in the Mediterranean but we were unfortunately fish-less for our efforts but caught plenty of bait fish and saw a shoal of Barracuda.

 Throughout our holiday I headed off out to sea in a single man Kayak armed with a loaf of bread and a telescopic rod, often heading out into deep water whilst fishing off of rock faces which line the coast, a range of different fish were caught but nothing substantial with the biggest fish being a Mullet about a 1lb 8oz, most of the fish were fairly small though which averaged 6-8ozs, but good fun all the same, during the trip we also experienced some fantastic parts of nature which included Squid, a type of Eagle in the mountains, a pod of Dolphins out in one of the bays one evening which were visible from the shore as we ate dinner, but the best has been saved till last, throughout the holiday we were extremely lucky to have bumped into a small family of Loggerhead Turtles ( Caretta Caretta ), two adults and two youngsters, we saw them about 7 days out of the 14, so we were very lucky but even more so to have swam with 2 of them and even managed to gentle touch one whilst it circled me in 300ft plus of water, with Lucie also managing to gather the courage to overcome her fear of deep water, the 2nd time I swam with a Turtle I had my goggles on and went underwater with it and got a real good look at it before it dived into the dark blue water and totally vanished out of sight.

Fethiye harbour at dusk.

Out in the open sea, game fish on the agenda.


Sardine. Bait.

Baby Snapper.

Colourful Squid.

My first sight of a Caretta Caretta ( Loggerhead Turtle ).

Naughty storm which produced a tornado just on the coast line.

Little Sea Bream.

Baby Whiting.

Muller, not the biggest one.

The better half and me.

A stunningly marked Blue Crab.

Turtle's love these!!!


Horse riding was great fun, another first.

Stunning photos's, speechless.

Adult Turtle complete with a Ramora fish.

Turtle in one of the bays off the open sea.

Taking a breath, a matter of 10ft away.

A lovely few shots of it close up to the Kayak.


This one was spotted in 300 ft of water, which was very calm around us.

Very calm in fact, Lucie having a brief swim in the sea.

Miniature fish.

Pretty miniature fish.


  1. Some fantastic pictures and memories for you. I came back from Oludeniz 6 weeks ago and I cant wait until I go back again.Turkey really does some some magnificient sights. .

  2. Nice one james, looks like you had a great time with those loggerheads. Saw one in Zante once from a peddlo but was only a quick glimpse nothing like your experience. Kayaking, like the sound of that, must give it a go sometime. ;)


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