Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Limited Time....

.......Varying success, it has been a crazy last week or so and even though it has been hectic I have managed to get in a couple of extremely short sessions which have been used in search of some large Carp, a 20 on the agenda at first and as I locate the bigger Carp I will certainly be tuned in to snare one or two on my normal stalking tactics, unfortunately over the last two months I have lost 2 very nice Carp, both of which were over twenty pounds, but on 6lb line I do run the risk at losing fish with the heavy weed present at the moment, 6lb line under normal circumstances can overcome large Carp and with the 35.8 Mirror I had last season was banked using that breaking strain, but certain lakes may be too snaggy or weedy to get away with such an approach.

 The first morning's trip I was on the bank at around 5am and although I had a number of good fish showing interest in my free offerings, my hook-bait remained untouched by some extremely clever Carp and the Tench began to also move around but were as smart if not more so, every piece of free-bee bread that went out they ate, the piece that had a hook in was avoided like the plague. But the next quick-fire session proved to be more fruitful, an hour of stalking a shoal of Carp just before dusk proved to be a better time to plan my perfect cast, slightly dipping my free-line to add a bit of weight and then aiming my offering just past the shoal and then slowly drawing the bait into the feeding zone, one cast one chance, a pair of big lips appeared out of nowhere to suck in the bait, in the failing light I still made out the outline of the bread vanish, gently bending into the rod I was connected to a decent Carp, but with the failing light it was difficult to know how big it was but I could feel a weight on the end, so after some careful wangling within 6 or 7 minutes I had a nice fish in the net.

 As I pulled back the net on the mat, I revealed a nice Mirror Carp heading for 20lb, but without wasting anytime James Snr and I weighed her at 19lb 9oz, not too far off and we noticed a couple of defects with her which I believe were from birth but has certainly not been hindered by it, the mouth was stumped and looked quiet unsightly and a fairly weird scale pattern which looked patchy, but 2 trips and 1 Carp for me and one for my father at 12lb it was a success, time to find some time and head off out again, summer Rudd still on the agenda, time wise it's looking like very hard work.

More of the same hopefully, maybe a little bigger next time.


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    1. Such a strange fish, almost the Carp equivalent of Quasimodo.... I don't do nicknames but that would be perfect.