14th November 2011

Red Letter Day number 2, i thought you only got 1 of them a year but seemed to have trod in something. Knowing that work is going to be extremely busy after xmas and having put alot of weight on i thought November and December was going to be used wisely so back on the river and today it was very low, cant remeber the last time it was this low and was gin clear so the omens were not good, but i cracked on to see if i could make something of it so went back to the swim that i hadnt done very well in and worked my magic and had a fish instantly and after a spirited fight had a another 6 pounder beggining to enjoy this greatly, 6lbs 4ozs on the scales, recovered that one and swam off strongly and soaked me in the process baited the hook and cast it out about 10 yards upstream of the 1st and again had a fish straight away those omens were for the good clearly and this was a bigger fish the fight was so much lazier than  usual just hugging the bottom in the current by which time me dad had come to take over the tripod duties and take some snaps of a 7lbs 6ozs Barbel, after a nag with the old man for about an hour and no bite thought of moving and said to myself 5 more minutes and we'll move and no sooner i said that i had a very good take the float slid under and firstly thought it was a Chub but after 20 seconds of its charging around knew it was a whisker and when it came up to the surface me and me dad thought i had a double on the business end it was a long and thick fish which niether of us have seen before and when it tipped 11lbs 1ozs on the scales we were wishing the sling weighed nothing but deducting that it went 9lbs 8ozs a truly welcome beast and biggest of the season so far.

                                                                            6lbs 4ozs

                                                                         7lbs 6ozs

                                                                Season best 9lbs 8ozs

But the session didnt end there though and the crusade went on headed up river and was hoping of carrying my great day on and it wasn't long before i had another specimen fish but this was a Chub and another season best of 4lbs 11ozs and as darkness was falling one last cast to see if i could add to my amazing day came up with a 7lbs 3ozs Barbel pristine condition, which took the tally to 4 Barbel equalling 30lbs 5ozs and a 4lbs+ Chub. A day to remember for sure.

                                                            Season best Chub 4lbs 11ozs

                                                                          7lbs 3ozs


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