Friday, 23 December 2011

Brilliant days fishing

First of all went out for probably my last Barbel exploit for a while but quickly turned out to be a waste of time, no Barbel feeding but showing up on the gravels, so i turned my attention to Chub as plenty were showing aswell, the Chub are making a great come back on the river over the last couple of years.

 Been looking at a blog recently of a couple of guys that fish the river as well and have caught a koi (kevin) a couple of times i did come across the koi and 2 other koi's and also a shoal of about 15 Chub to 4lbs-5lbs but i had a take off of a fish that I didn't even see, which turned out to be a leather mirror carp of about 5lbs but decided to shed my hook in a pile of rubbish on the bottom, it was a shame I haven't had a river carp in a few years.

  Later on...

 After a few trots had 3 Chub, 3lbs 10oz, 3lbs 4 oz and 3lbs 7oz all good fighters, then after an hour or so decided to head down and carry on the Chub fishing and within 20seconds of casting out latched into a powerful Barbel that really put up a fight, it only looked like it was about 5lb but was extremely well fed and went 6lbs 1oz, good stuff.

                                   I nickname this one 'Fatso' 6lbs 1oz.

  After that i went down even further, one of the things ive learnt about this river is that staying mobile is key to being successful.  Found a nice run under a canopy with a sand bar and saw a shoal of Chub (7) and a solitary Barbel and cast in the middle of them all and hooked.... you guessed it, the Barbel, out of 8 fish i hook the only Barbel in the shoal and a big fish aswell very long and powerful with a bit more water to move around in took me a while to get it in but was well worth it.

  Note: this is the first Barbel caught from this swim in 7 Years!

                          A well earned 8lbs 2oz Barbel. (So much for Chub fishing)

  So the day had been a strange one went for Barbel could only catch Chub, went for Chub can only catch Barbel, so i thought i'd go even further down and finish up with a Barbel and... caught a Chub but this wasnt just a normal Chub it was one of epic size for this river so much so it beat my previous chalk-stream personal best of 5lbs 3oz, this one was long, wide and deep and weighed a brilliant 5lbs 6ozs, catching these sort of sized fish out of this little river just makes getting cold and wet all worth while.

A new PB for this river at 5lb 6oz.

 So today I had,
 2 Barbel. Total = 14lbs 3ozs
 4 Chub.   Total = 15lbs 9ozs

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