Thursday, 8 December 2011

3rd December 2011

Set out after work with a feeling inside that if i went fishing tonight i would catch a good fish of what size i had no idea, after a calamitous journey taking nearly hour and a half got me to the river with about 20 minutes of light so scouted this piece of river that I haven't fished in about 4 years and found a gravel hole which spelt out "home" to me so it was my haunt for the night and after just 5 minutes into dark had a ripping take that pulled my rod out of the rod rest and started heading down river just grabbing the butt of the rod, with an almighty fight I christened my brand new net with what can only be described as a lump i thought it was going to smash my personal best of 11lbs 0oz, but when it hit 10lbs 9ozs i was extremely pleased with myself but at the same can only wish to catch that in March next year when she will be pushing 12/13lbs, my pb was set on this river back in 2006 so a long standing pb indeed, but after the excitement of that beast it turned out to be a tame night after that landing another two Barbel of 4lbs 10ozs and 2lbs 3ozs also with two Chub around 3lbs aswell.

 1st double of the season, new season best 10lbs 9oz.          

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